Above: Tangled oaks at Hillside Natural Area

Below: Wildflowers and views: Two other treasures of the Hillside Natural Area.

El Cerrito Hillside Natural Area

Friends of Five Creeks volunteers are controlling invasive, fire-prone broom and working to protect the rich variety of plants and animals in El Cerrito's Hillside Natural Area, 100 acres of remarkably pristine oak forest, creeklets, and grasslands with magnificent views.

Map and Directions

The easiest access to Hillside Natural Area, and the meeting point for most of our work parties, is from Schmidt Lane, uphill (east) from Navellier and west of the El Cerrito Recycling Center (map and directions). Click for a trail map of the trails at Hillside Natural Area, showing other entrances or the trail map with a satellite-image background.

The nearest AC Transit access is to walk downhill from AC Transit 7 to one of the upper entrances.