Some documents regarding Cerrito Creek at El Cerrito Plaza

Some background documents on Albany (and, for Cerrito Creek, El Cerrito) creek-related trail and bridge projects

The City of Albany is considering how to spend remaining funds earmarked for creeks and Albany Hill from Measure R, a 1998 levy that ends in 2019, when bonds it sold also mature. The money was to be spent 50% for Albany Hill, 25% for creeks, and 25% for ballfields. Nearly all the ballfield money has been spent. $600,000 remains for creeks. A much larger sum remains for Albany Hill, because the city never acquired the remaining 11 acres of privately owned open space on the hill -- the principal goal of the measure. Here you will find plans and other documents related to Albany Hill and Albany's creeks, back to the 1990s.

Plans and Reports on Lower Codornices Creek

U.C. Berkeley student reports on Codornices and Cerrito Creek restoration projects

These reports and many others by students in Restoration of Rivers and Streams, a course taught since 1992 at the University of California Berkeley's Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. Reports from 2003 on, including many on other local creeks, all presented at the annual Berkeley River Restoration Symposium, can be found here.

Sincere thanks to Professor Matt Kondolf and other instructors in this course for for their efforts in trying to evaluate results of restoration projects while teaching valuable professional skills.

Urban Stream Restoration generally

Bay Shore