Recent Volunteering

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Pulling broom in Tilden

You're never too young, or too old, to remove invasive, fire-prone French broom! Our July 22 work party removed re-sprouts near Tilden Regional Park's historic carousel, while our Weed Warriors did heroic work in the El Cerrito Hillside Natural Area. 

Weed Warriors pull broom in Hillside Natural Area

High Schoolers in Northwestern University's leadership program on Cerrito Ck.

Above, High-school students from around the world, part of a Northwestern University leadership program, removed invasives on Cerrito Creek and Albany Hill while learning about the challenges to nature in cities.

Weed Warriors on Albany BulbAbove, Weed Warriors removed invasive Algerian sea lavender from the Albany Bulb. Below, staff from Integrated Project Management did great work removing pepperweed and other invasives along Berkeley's Bay shore.

Removing pepperweed along Bay shore.
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Helping Nature in the East Bay – Hands On

All-volunteer Friends of Five Creeks works hands-on for clean water and healthy watersheds. We protect and restore natural areas that welcome both wildlife and people, from Berkeley to Richmond on the urbanized east side of San Francisco Bay. See map and slide shows of some of our restoration projectsPlease join us in:

  • Work parties restoring native vegetation and wildlife habitat, lessening erosion and flooding, providing trails and green corridors.
  • Free guided walks open to all.
  • Tuesday morning weekday weed warriors in varied natural areas.
  • Public education including free Bay Currents talks, e-newsletter, signs, publications, web sites, appearances at festivals, and more.
  • Advocating, participating in political processes, and partnering with agencies and other groups.

For information or to arrange a work party for your group, contact or (510)848-9358. Click here to subscribe to our e-newsletter. Click here to donate or join!

New and Seasonal:

Shorebirds are back. Late summer wildflowers are blooming along the Bay. And it's a great time to help the environment by gathering, and relishing, edible weeds!

Salsola soda, or agrettiAlong the Bay, salt-marsh plants are in bloom. Displays rival many mountain meadows! Click here for our slide show.  Fall migrants on shorebirds' long journeys, some from the Arctic to South America, are already on the tide flats. Hundreds of Western sandpipers feasted at the mouth of Strawberry Creek during our July 15 work party with Integrated Project Management. Click here for our video on how these birds need mudflats like those at the mouths of Strawberry, Schoolhouse, and Codornices Creeks -- all places where F5C volunteers are active.

Discover great wild foods from invasives in late summer! Left: Salsola soda -- Agretti to the Italians -- is delicious fresh or lightly steamed. Gather it along the Bay and help keep it from crowding out natives! Fennel pollen makes a delicious spice, and Himalayan blackberries can be beat for jam. Our handout, Edible and Useful Wild Plants, has broad info -- spare the natives, and gather the weeds to help the environment!

Osprey carrying nest materialF5C is taking an August break. Join us for a busy, fun September:

Details on these and other F5C events on our calendar page.

Citizen science:

This fall, help us start using cell phones to report how climate change affects plants (phenology monitoring). Get in touch at for more info

Below, Girl Scout Troop 30039 did the water-bug googie, helping us check water quality in Codornices Creek in spring. We plan more next year. Meanwhile, email if you are interested in identifying these tiny critters in fun evening sessions, with microscopes.